Gaming, Home, Barebones Computer Kits – What Is the Difference?

Computer KitsIntroductionNot everyone wants to, has the time to, or has the inclination to build his or her own computer. For that reason there are pre-established computer kits, to make purchasing and setting up your computer easy. There are three major type of computer kits:Barebones
Home.We are going to discuss each type in this blog, and the major reason/benefits of purchasing a certain type of computer.Barebones Computer KitsThe first discussion on our agenda is the barebones option for no other reason than it alphabetically makes sense.A barebones computer kit typically refers to the minimal essentials that a computer needs to run and operate effectively. They tend to run very inexpensive, but are very limited in what they are capable of running and operating.These types of computer kits are capable of the following and are generally a great choice if this is all you are looking for in your computer:emailing
web surfing
printing documents.Barebones computer kits are intended to do the minimalist of functions. For some families or individuals, a computer is a convenience at best, and not even remotely close to a necessity. If you fall under this type of category you may want to look into for the purchase of your next computer.Gaming Computer KitsThe first and perhaps most important concept to understand with a gaming computer is that when we refer to games we are talking about a system intensive game that may or may not be online such as the ever popular gamesWorld of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Crisis Core
Warhammer: Age of ReckoningThe list of these games could be a blog in and of itself. Those were just a few examples, so that we understand when we are discussing games we are not talking abouthearts
free cell
anything found on or bored.comAll of these games can be easily played on our barebones computer kits or home computer kits.Gaming computer are computer kits that are meant to be able to multi-task exceptionally well with very system intensive programs because who doesn’t like to listen to the favorite music while fighting other people online? Gaming computer kits are meant to be able to do all of that without lagging. No one wants to blame their character’s death on a slow computer. Blame it on the internet connection!Back to the computer subject matter at hand. When you are looking at a gaming computer, it will run you a little more expensive than the other two types of kits, but it is intended to do more. Something to always keep in mind: When purchasing a computer you almost always get what you pay for. Home Computer KitsOur last topic, but most certainly not out least important is the home computer kits. Home computers are the most common of the three type of computer kits. Not every family needs a gaming rig and most households use the computer as more than a convenience.For many people a computer is almost a necessity. If we take a minute to look at how technologically based times our today, and how often we are in front of our computer we will appreciate as to why a computer is almost a necessity anymore.The computer is used for so many things that we may take for grantedSurfing the internet
finding a route to a place we need to get to
watching movies whether they are on DVD or on a place like YouTube
paying bills online
keeping up with friends on social media sites
or purchasing what we need so we never have to leave our homes to look for it
and to many other functions to name them allA home computer should be great at multitasking, but does not need to have the extensive system requirements that gaming computer kits tend to carry. Home computer kits fall under the category of jack-of-all; master of none.Conclusion